Continental Domination

Captains Log, Stardate 23237.3

I have no clue what day this was. Thursday? And this is our… 4th session? I don’t know. Anyways…

The group of Blake, Dave, and Shane meet up with a nameless Paladin in our current city. He tells us of a quest to reach a wall dividing the desert and something else perhaps. The journey should take roughly five days. We all agree we should go there. We gather supplies, and head off on our merry way, riding delicious horses. Mmm.. I mean Neighhh.

Along the way, we encounter 4 Bug Bears. As we set up for battle, the beautiful Jimmy comes riding in on her camel, titsafloppin in all their glory. Together, we pwnt the Bug Bears, loot the sumbitches, then continue on our journey.

As we’re riding up to a hill, we are surprised by a big unhappy giant who decides to throw a big rock our way. Its going straight for the Paladin, when Jimmy shoves him out of the way. Jimmy takes a massive 7 damage. We all run up on the giant, and kick its ass. Jimmy drops a potion on the ground and breaks it as hes trying to heal himself from the rocking he got. Get it, rocking? Lol. Apparently I forgot to write down how this battle ends.

That battle saw a level increase for Blake, Dave, and Shane. Blake is level 3 now. Dave and Shane are level 2.

We ride until nightfall, and decide to set up camp, with Blake and Jimmy staying awake for first shift.

Suddenly, Blake and Jimmy hear multiple creatures encroaching from the darkness. They wake the rest of the crew up, and its time for some ass kicking! Its a new moon, and our fire is the only light we have. The first enemies we see are 5 Grimlocks. 2 of them get hit from a distance, as they start charging us. Then 5 more appear behind them from the dark. They try fruitlessly to hit the Paladin, but since hes uber, he shrugs that shit off. Blake shoots a Grimlock in the face, dropping it. The Paladin drops the big one with his mighty pwntstick. Even more Grimlocks move in on the group. The Grimlocks are apparently not very good with their weapons, as they are throwing them and breaking them left and right. One of them even throws their weapon into their friends face. The Grimlocks from behind start dragging their dead friends away from the battle. Hungry buggers! When enough of them are killed, they retreat, dragging what bodies away they can.

An Owl Bear approaches, but gets slaughtered before he knows whats going on.

Morning arrives, and we take off on the dustry trail. It looks like I’m having a hard time keeping to one perspective in this narrative. We, them. Whatever, you can fix this later.

Up ahead of us on the trail, we see an injured human laying on the side of the road. The Paladin, knowing what is in front of us is evil, tells us to wait behind, while he checks it out. It turns into a Jackalwere, Jimmy crits its throat, and its dead soon thereafter.

I have something written down about 4 ogres… And thats all I have written down. We should really record this shit in audio.

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